June 11, 2014

The Smart car that started it all!


This Smart car created by Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood, Ca. was the first to be customized in the U.S.

Back in April 2008 we purchased this Smart car to compete in the Pioneer Invitation Sound Off. No one had really seen or knew what a Smart car was in the U.S. since they had just been released and in very little quantity. Pioneer provided us the DEH-P800PRS radio that was custom installed in the dash, TSC-720PRS 6.5″ component speakers that we custom installed in the doors with the mid range drivers angeled toward the driver and passenger. Two 12″ woofers were installed in a custom molded fiberglass enclose that is bolted to the frame of the car and still provides full access to the rear cargo area which also is where the engine is located. An 8″ screen was installed in between the two woofer that shows a slide show of the complete build of the car. Two Pioneer Premier amplifiers were installed in the tailgate.

While the Smart car was cool the interior provided by the factory was not. Inspired by Lamborghini we installed a custom black leather and yellow suede interior. The seat inserts are exact measure to Lamborghini Q-Citura. The custom Smart car logo floor mats and rear cargo mat complete the interior upgrade.

We won “Best In Show” at the competition and since then have received numerous press and articles about the car. Since this process was so much fun and truly a labor of love not only for car audio but also for the new Smart car brand we created a dedicated web site to Smart cars and accessories

So if you see a customized Smart car in southern California chances are it was done by us…