May 14, 2014

AE Edition Mercedes McLaren SLR coupe

This SLR was customized by Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood,CA.

Back in 2006 when these amazing super cars were just barely hitting the streets Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood, CA were one of the first to customize an SLR. Mercedes-Benz took some of their finest Formula 1 technology and made it available for consumers to enjoy. Unfortunately for those individuals the stereo system was obviously an after thought and came from the parts bin of a C class. Here is what we did to make it an AE Edition

The factory radio was replaced by Alpine’s top of the line am/fm/iPod interface. No?CD mechanism on this radio. Enjoy your iPod and even the album art on the 2″ screen.

The factory 3-way speaker were replaced with MB Quart “Q” Series components.

For bass a Pioneer shallow 10″ subwoofer was custom installed in the passenger foot well area with no loss of any legroom.

To power the system two Alpine PDX Series amplifiers totaling over 1,200 watts of power were custom installed in the trunk. Inspiration from all the carbon fiber used in the car and the illumination of the taillights were recreated to complete the amplifier installation display.