January 27, 2012

One Of A Kind Audi Q7

This is not your average Audi Q7

When our best client approached us looking for a new daily driver that he could also drive his 4 beautiful children in we suggested an Audio Q7. The only problem was that he did not want it to look like another “Soccer Mom” SUV.  Hofele to the rescue!

Hofele is a premier German tuner that has this incredible wide body kit for the Q7 and once he saw it there was no questions that this had to be done. After deciding to go with a complete black and white them any exposed chrome or silver trim was painted black.


Custom made performance exhaust system to match up with the new Hofele exhaust tips.


CEC Signature 3-Piece Forged custom painted gloss black, matte black and white  22″ wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires


To give the vehicle the proper stance we installed a lowering module that adjusts  by the factory control inside.

Ticket Avoidance System:

#1 rated Escort 9500CI radar detector and laser deffuser system was installed. The controls were custom mounted in the lower section of the dash. The front laser deffusers were installed in the front grilles and the rear was mounted on the hatch.


The headliner was reupholstered using black Alcantara suede. We only provided custom made, hand carved logo floor mats.


The factory audio system was just not good enough. So here what we put in to make is sound better.

The front and rear speakers were replaced with Focal Utopia BE Kit No.7 speakers.

Two Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 EQ processors

Two Kenwood eXcelon 10″ carbon fiber woofers in a custom enclosure

Three Alpine PDX series amplifiers totaling over 2,800 watts of power

For The Kids:

Four Alpine 7″ wide screen monitors were installed in the headrest, along with an Alpine DVD changer.