June 29, 2017

LBR Tesla Model S Bespoke Customization

One of a kind Tesla Model S Bespoke Edition

This Tesla has been customized with the following upgrades:

Mobileye: Front collision avoidance, pedestrian warning, lane departure warning and speed warning.

Clear Bra Paint Armor: Front Clip (full hood, full fender, bumper, side mirrors & headlights) 

Escort radar detector system with laser deffusing: Ticket avoidance system 

T Sportline 21″ wheels (Made for Tesla Only): Uses factory 21” tires, lug bolts and center caps for a perfect fit. One-Piece Forged weighs 20% less than factory 21” wheels.

Hand carved Tesla logo plush carpet floor mats: Includes front driver and passenger area, rear passengers, frank and trunk

Cila Jet: Complete exterior and interior sealant. Soap and water cleans everything. No paint stains from bird dropping or water spot. Wheels are easier to clear from brake dust. No liquid will get absorbed into the interior. Comes with a 10 year warranty.

Audiophile Sound SystemUpgrade:  1,200 watts of power, all new speakers.

Blind Spot Warning System Premium: 

Custom Painted Brake Calipers: Give your car a sportier appearance with your choice of red, yellow, black or any color calipers. Tesla logos and text will be reapplied to the calipers after paint just like they are now.

Bespoke (custom made to order) interior upholstery: Completely change the dash, doors and seats in your car to any color leather, Alcantara, diamond quilted and stitching to create your own interior. We will have a design meeting with your sharing with you all the colors and possibilities. 

Exterior 3M wrap: Choose from matte or satin black to cover all the exterior chrome areas on the car.

Custom Logo or “T” embroidery: Front headrests and middle rear seat headrest.

Center Console: 

T Sportline Carbon Fiber Body Kit: Consists of front lip spoiler, Replaces grey rear deffuser & chrome rear deffuser trim. Adds carbon fiber rear deckled spoiler.

LED lights: Installed in the Frunk & Trunk. Increase visibility at night. 

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