May 14, 2014

AE Edition Ferrari 599 With Matte Black & Carbon Fiber Trim

This amazing Ferrari 599 not only had an audiophile sound system?installed but exterior upgrades as well.

The Ferrari 599 is one of the finest Ferrari’s ever made. Unfortunately for most owners the Bose audio system just doesn’t meet the audio standards that an owner would expect. Fortunately for all those unsatisfied Ferrari 599 owners Al & Eds Autosound in West Hollywood CA. knows how to make the audio system sound as great as the car performs and looks.

Audio Upgrades:

The owner of this particular car not only wanted sound improvement but also wanted to replace the factory stereo with an iPhone. Here is what we did to make it an AE Edition.

The factory stereo was removed and replaced with a docking station for an iPhone. The docking station is motorized by a switch so that you can slide in the iPhone and then motorize it back into the dash. The frame was created using carbon fiber and black Alcantara suede. Once the iPhone is docked it not only charges but also makes a connection to the Kenwood Car Portal system.

On top of the dash we installed a Kenwood 4.3″ touch screen monitor to control the Car Portal system. This system offers the owner AM/FM/iPod audio/iPod Video/Bluetooth and Navigation all touch screen. The screen was installed in a custom fabricated housing using carbon fiber.

The Ferrari 599 comes with three dash installed 3.5″ speakers.?No door speakers! We decided not to use the center speaker and replaced the dash speakers with Focal Power series 3.5″ which are part of the 165KRX3 kit that we used. The tweeters we molded into the door pillars and the 6.5″ mid bass drivers were custom installed in the doors. In order to?achieve?installation of the door speakers we first?needed to separate the door panel insert from the outer door panel.?Then we needed to create an enclosure within the panel/door for the speakers. Once we accomplished that the 6.5″ mid bass driver was fitted flush with the door panel and the insert was reupholstered in black Alcantara suede. We created custom speaker grilles using plexiglass and carbon fiber.

In the rear factory location of the car we installed Focal 130KRC component speakers for rear fill. For bass we used a JL Audio 12W6V2D4 series subwoofer and installed it in the trunk of the car in a fiberglass and carbon fiber enclosure. We removed the factory rear deck mounted 8″ shallow woofer so that the sound of the JL W6 could play into the interior of the car.

To power the system we used two Alpine PDX series amplifiers totalling over 1600 watts of power. We also installed the Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 EQ processor so that we could properly tune, time align and control the sound in the car. All this tuning is done via bluetooth while connected to a laptop.

Exterior Upgrades:

The Ferrari 599 has beautiful lines to its sculpted body. We decided to accentuate some of those lines by installing matte black wrap material in the center of the hood, complete roof and trunk deck lid. On top of that we installed 3M carbon fiber material that unless you look real closely it is hard to tell that it is not real dry carbon fiber. We used the same carbon fiber material on the front bumper lower lip, side skirts, ?rear skirts, door handles and gas door. Overall it gives an appearance of a carbon fiber body kit.

We used black film to smoke the side markers and rear tail light fascia.